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co-operative centre, cannock rd, stafford st17 4ra, united kingdom Milford ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
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co-operative centre, cannock rd, stafford st17 4ra, united kingdom Milford ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
market pl, cannock, west midlands ws11 1bp, united kingdom ws11 1bp Cannock ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
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audley primary care centre, church st, audley, stoke-on-trent st7 8de, united kingdom Audley ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
7 lichfield rd, burntwood ws7 0hh, united kingdom ws7 0hh Hammerwich ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
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st peter's bridge, burton-on-trent de14 3rj, united kingdom de14 3rj Burton-on-Trent ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
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8 orchard pl, barlaston, stoke-on-trent st12 9dl, united kingdom Barlaston ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
13 derby st, leek st13 6ht, united kingdom st13 6ht Leek ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
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biddulph primary care centre, wharf rd, biddulph, stoke-on-trent st8 6hy, united kingdom Biddulph ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
42 ashbourne rd, cheadle, stoke-on-trent st10 1hq, united kingdom Cheadle ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
128 werrington rd, stoke-on-trent st2 9aj, united kingdom st2 9aj Bucknall ,Staffordshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
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